Welcome to Dirt Roads Network’s Iola branch, now known as Watershed Collective. God moved my family from our comfortable home and church in New Strawn, Kansas to embark on a new adventure of church planting in Iola, Kansas. Don’t be fooled by the “church planting” part though. A Watershed is an area of land that moves water to streams and rivers. As a movement led by the Holy Spirit, we want to create small groups of people who share faith and life with one another becoming extended families who seek to multiply all over southeast Kansas and beyond. We are not here to just simply do church, meaning become another brick and mortar place with a service that people attend. Simply opening new buildings for people to meet is not an option for us. We are here to develop deep, meaningful communities of people committed to making the Kingdom of God a tangible reality here on planet earth. We will not stop short of anything less than a Spirit-filled, multiplication movement that seeks to love God and people making disciples who make disciples who make disciples.  This means we will live life in the trenches by Living Out monthly rhythms in our community and Inviting In anyone from any walk of life into our home who wishes to know what following Jesus looks like in the everyday.  We are committed to loving Jesus and loving others just like Jesus loved them.

Click below for a couple of updates from our first two months in Iola:

Gone Fishing


DIRT ROADS IOLA becomes Watershed Collective! Clink on the image below for more information:

Please continue to check out this page for updates about the Sturgeon’s fishing adventures in Iola, KS.

For more information about Dirt Roads Network and how you can be a part of this new work and contribute to investing in people whose mission is to breathe new life into the small, forgotten places of the world, please click the link below.

Dirt Roads Network

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