Say Yes to Joy!

I remember as a teenager being so excited about my faith and all the wonderful possibilities following Jesus, loving Him and loving people could bring about in life. What if we really could change the world through love?! An adult in my church at the time actually looked at me and said, “One day all that excitement will wear off; one day that joy will diminish.” I remember thinking, “May it never be! I want to love Jesus and people with this much excitement always and forever!”

Thankfully today, while I’m not perfect, while joy is sometimes difficult to find, I can confidently say that I have more excitement and faith, more love for Jesus and people than ever before. Life with Jesus is awesome! It’s the most exciting adventure ever.

I’ve always been over-the-top with my emotions, particularly my exuberance when it comes to following Jesus. There’s nothing I’d rather talk about more. He is just so very good and fills me to the brim when I am with Him.

May we never lose our childlike wonder over God and His greatness. May we never lose our joy in Him. May we find that being brave and being extra in the name of Jesus, the most beautiful name ever spoken, is the very best way to do life. May we start running toward him and never ever look back. Let’s not let anyone or anything dim our light! Keep shining, and shine so bright, the world can’t help but notice. Say yes to joy!

I recently listened to a poem of sorts read by Ann Voskamp at the 2019 IF: Gathering called “Wave Walkers.” It so ministered to my soul and spoke to who I want to be as a follower of Jesus. I want to share some of it with you in the hopes that it will encourage you to just go for it. Step out of the boat and live a life of faith. Take risks, trust Jesus. You’ll never regret it!

“Go ahead and give it all up, surrender it all, surrender the hunt for the way out of storming seas and hunger for more intimacy with the one who calms the seas because intimacy with Him in the Word is what conquers every sea. Go ahead you who they call a little bit extra. Go ahead and just go overboard, because a life of faith is to go overboard. Overboard with hope, overboard with love, overboard with grace, overboard in fasting and praying, overboard in memorizing and meditating. Go ahead and wave your white flag and give up your false security of your boat and go overboard in faith and go brave the waves….you can’t get to Him by boat. You get to Him by giving up your safe boat and getting into the actual water, because there is something in the waters…desperate trust, clinging hope, and burning love, and actual faith. You have to get to Him by having the faith to walk on waves…just come. Don’t be afraid of the waves. Love Me enough to just come. There is absolutely no way you are going to spend your one life as a fearful boat squatter when you are God’s daughter, and you are called to walk on water. Wave walkers look forward into His face and not shamefully down. Wave walkers look forward into His will, and they don’t turn around…wave walkers never focus on the impossible, but rather the Him-possible.” – Ann Voskamp

2 thoughts on “Say Yes to Joy!

  1. Beautiful post. Would you be so kind as to share the link to Anns poem? I searched and could not find anything but would love to read the whole poem. Love it.


    1. Thank you! I so wish I could share the whole thing. I have searched high and low all over the internet for it, and I cannot find it either. She shared it at the IF: Gathering 2019. I had access to the videos for a limited time. I’m so sorry. It was called “Wave Walkers.”


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